What Genre Of Books Does Artem Enjoy Reading?

Similarly, How tall is Artem wing?

Artem Wing is a 29-year-old male with a height of 182 cm.

Also, it is asked, Can you change your name in Tears of Themis?

After the upgrade, the Name-Change Key will be accessible under MallPackPermanent. A total of two purchases are allowed per participant.

Secondly, How do I change my birthday on Tears of Themis?

Introduction to the Birthday Feature The “Birthday Surprisebutton will show on the right side of the main screen if you log in on your birthday. Tap to pick who you’d want to spend your birthday with, and you’ll get a birthday surprise and a special birthday gift from the male lead of your choice.

Also, How old is Luke tot?

People also ask, How old is the MC in Tears of Themis?

Related Questions and Answers

What is the age of the MC in Tears of Themis?

Marius, 12 years old, Luke, 15 years old, Vyn, 18 years old, and Artem, 20 years old” / Twitter.

How many episodes does Tears of Themis have?

The game was first launched in the United States (late July 2021) with four episodes; Episode Five was released in three parts in August 2021.

Is Tears of Themis a Gacha game?

Tears of Themis () is a HoYoverse-developed and-published mobile romantic detective gacha game.

What branch of law does Artem specialize in?

Artem Wing received his PhD in law from Stellis University Law School and passed the state bar test with flying colors. He is the ace attorney at Themis Law Firm, capable of handling any case. Artem Wing is now Stellis City’s youngest senior attorney.

How do you get stellin?

Once you win a discussion level, you will earn S-chips, Stellin (in-game cash), and oracles of justice under obvious prizes. S-chips are the first and most obvious rewards. When you complete the level for the first time, you will get these. If you retry the same level, you won’t receive them again.

How do I get more oracle of justice?

edit source hidden Obtainedit Obtainedit Obtainedit Obtainedit Obtainedit Obtain via the Training Quest. Redeeming Friendship Crests was used to get this. Anomaly Levels must be cleared to get this item.

What kind of cuisine is Luke’s tomato omelette?

Cuisine from China

Is Tears of Themis free?

MiHoYo created and released Tears of Themis, a free-to-play adventure game. In July 2020, the game was published for Android and iOS in Mainland China in Simplified Chinese.

How do I get a Mr card?

MR cards may only be obtained during special events. Spending the S-Chips on the refreshes will be well worth it if you enjoy Vyn’s Morning Glory card or are low on Vyn cards.

What is the rarest card in Tears of Themis?

In Tears of Themis, there are three rarities, with Super Super Rare being the most powerful potential card and a Rare card being the least powerful. Each of the cards in the table below belongs to one of the three attributes: Logic, Empathy, or Intuition.

What is a SSR card?

SSR Cards are a kind of smart card. SSR Cards are the next level of rarity. “Super super rare” is what the SSR stands for. Honor student scouting is the only way to get these cards. The only sorts of cards with fully drawn backgrounds are SSR and UR cards.

What otome means?

the first game

Is Tears of Themis fun?

Tears of Themis is a fantastic game, despite a few issues with gacha systems around in-game “fighting.” Its gameplay diversity and aesthetics distinguish it from other games in the genre, and it provides players with enough to do in a distinct universe.

How do you spend AP in Tears of Themis?

Learn how to restock your AP. A small energy drink provides 30 APs, whereas a large energy drink provides 60 APs. 20 valuable gems, on the other hand, provide players 60 stamina. To get Visions, transform the S-chips into Tears of Themis.

Does Mammon like MC?

Mammon’s love for MC became stronger after spending more time with them, but he attempts to deny it when others point it out. He has a hard time expressing his emotions regarding MC, frequently getting embarrassed or seeming unconcerned.


Artem enjoys reading books in the genre of travel. His favorite book is a pocket that he keeps his work card in.

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