Where Is My Passport Book Number Located Us?

Every passport book in the United States has a unique 9-digit identification number known as a passport book number. It is located in the top right-hand corner of the passport’s second page.

Similarly, Is passport book number same as passport number?

In addition to the Passport Number, the Passport Book Number may appear in a passport. It’s also known as the ‘inventory control number’ or ‘booklet number,’ and its placement differs based on the nation where it was issued.

Also, it is asked, Is book number same as passport number USA?

The numbers on your passport book and passport card are different. The letter C is followed by eight digits on your passport card, whereas your passport book includes nine digits that are unique to each US citizen.

Secondly, Where is passport book number written?

There is no passport book number for Indian passports. Even if you acquired your passport while in another country, the government/authority that issued it should be the one in which you are a citizen. Where did the passport come from? City: The passport was issued in this city.


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